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Samoa, Passion

Rugby is sport for excellence in Samoa & you can find everywhere on island. National team of Samoa has played in all Rugby World Championship from 1991 & they are one of the best 20 teams around the world.

Samoa is giving to NRL one of the more important number of players.

Rugby arrived at Samoa from Marists Brothers on 1920. Rugby is the most popular sport in Samoa. With approximately 120 clubs & 5.500 players inscribed in population of 180.000 inhabitants, you can understand then the importance of this sport.

At the beginning, Samoa was member of Rugby Pacific Alliance with Fiji & Tonga, until to foundation of their own team on 1924 called Manu Samoa, honoring to famous Samoan warrior called Manusamoa Isamaeli. Their sport costume is formed by blue and white colors & they are using a warrior dance or Haka, called Siva Tau. This Haka was starting to use in World Championship on 1991 & now is used in all Samoan matches.